CoCoSID CoCo 3 playing Commando

CoCoSID is a program I wrote for the Tandy CoCo 3 that more-or-less mimic the sound of the Commodore 64 SID sound chip. The music used here is a hand-converted version of the original C64 Commando by Rob Hubbard. The DSK can be found here to play on emulation or real CoCo 3:
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Full Motion Video on CoCo 3

At the 19th annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST! in Elgin, IL this past weekend (May 15-16, 2010), John Linville had a CoCo 3 playing full motion video with sound. It was a bare CoCo 3 with a Cloud-9 IDE drive interface (reading the data from a Compact Flash card, I think). This clip doesn't have the sound up (I did not know it had sound at the time) but I will post a better one with an interview later. He also has a 256-color mode version which uses the recently discovered 256-color composite video mode.

Welcome to CoCo Central!

This is a new site dedicated to all things TRS-80. We're looking forward to your file submissions and discussions. Our goal is to create a current website with working links to resources that run on modern computers. From emulators to native code sources, we're looking to host the central point for all the above. If you have a CoCo related website that we aren't linking to, please let us know and we'll add it as soon as we've had a chance to review.